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The Jobs Letter

— a community media project of The Jobs Research Trust, published every 2-3 weeks from 1994-2006, providing an essential information and media watch on the issues of jobs, employment, unemployment, the future of work, and related education and economic issues.


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The Jobs
Research Trust

— a not-for-profit charitable trust constituted in New Zealand in 1994. To develop and distribute information that will help our communities create more jobs and reduce unemployment and poverty in New Zealand.

Jo Howard
Rodger Smith
Dave Owens
vivian Hutchinson

Patron Saint
Florence Nightingale

The Jobs
Research Trust

P.O.Box 428
New Plymouth
New Zealand


Final Issue Our Final Issue — September 2006
A “State Of The Nation” commentary on our major employment and poverty issues, by the readers of The Jobs Letter.
Back Catalogue Back Catalogue
Access to all the 254 Jobs Letters that were published from 1994-2006.

Statistics That Matter Statistics That Matter
Our unique presentation of New Zealand’s unemployment statistics.
JBL Special Features Special Features Index
Access to all the special features published in The Jobs Letter from 1994-2006.

Mayors Taskforce for Jobs Mayors Taskforce for Jobs
Our archive of the collaboration between The Jobs Research Trust and the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs from 1999 to 2005.
vivian Hutchinson - Speeches and Articles vivian Hutchinson
Founding Editor vivian Hutchinson’s collected articles and speeches on community action on employment issues.

National Archives at the Turnbull L The Jobs Research Trust Archives
For future researchers ... our paper collection of newspaper clippings and source reports has been deposited in the National Archives in Wellington.
Letters From East Timor Letters From East Timor
The articles written by Jobs Research Trustee Dave Owens while working as a volunteer in Timor Loro s’ae in 2000–2001.

New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship
vivian Hutchinson is Executive Officer of this new project fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship in New Zealand.
ChangeMakers ChangeMakers 5-10-5-10
What are we doing next? The Jobs Research Trustees have initiated a new project fostering citizen action on community, economic and environmental issues.