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The Jobs Letter No.253
dated 30 June 2006

Gold Chippies “Code of Conduct” for Probationary Employers-- Job Plus Scheme ‘Successful’ … but Not Counting-- Overseas Recruitment of NZ Social Workers-- Many Expat Nzers Unlikely to Return-- Only One-in-Six Student Loans Paid Back-- OECD Employment Strategies-- Employers Still Hiring-- No Recession After All-- Government Warns Against High Wage Demands-- ICT Employers’ Migrant Bias-- Farewell Karroll-- Timor Unemployment-- OZ Churches Refuse to Police Welfare Reform-- Outsourcers Outsourcing-- G8 Backtracking on Gleneagles Promises-- Too Stressful to Relax?-- … And It’s Almost Farewell from Us

The Jobs Letter No.252
dated 9 June 2006

Public Servants Wanted in Oz-- Big Pay Rises for HR Staff-- Have Your Say on the Single Core Benefit-- “No Go” List Out-of-Date-- Budget 2006-- Maori Unemployment-- Working While Pregnant Warning-- Buy Kiwi Made-- Further 90-day Debates-- LEED: Labour Market Dynamics-- No Student Loans for Unsubsidised Courses-- What It Takes to Keep Older Workers Past Retirement-- Micro-Loans for Low-Income Australians-- Immigration is Not an Economic Panacea-- African Professionals Migrating Away

The Jobs Letter No.251
dated 17 May 2006

Job Numbers and Unemployment Rate Both Up-- WINZ “New Service” Rolled Out-- Maori Twice as Likely to Die from Poor Health-- Heart Disease Higher Among Maori-- Respiratory Diseases Greater Among Poor Children-- Prisoner Employment Schemes May Be Expanded-- Petrol Prices Shaping the Economy-- Those with Large Student Loans More Likely to Live Overseas-- Luring Nzers From Australia-- Free Promotion for Not-For-Profit Groups-- Daily Limits for Free Early Childhood Education-- Foreign Student Numbers Decline-- Treasury Calls for More State Sector Accountability-- Illegal US Residents Rally for Rights-- Volunteers “Service-Delivery Arm” of Government-- Paul Hawken Writes of a “Blessed Unrest”

The Jobs Letter No.250
dated 28 April 2006

A Quarter Of Nz Graduates Live Overseas-- Free-Loan Lure To Bring Graduates Home-- Health Workers Migrating From Poor To Rich Countries-- Job Probation Bill Prompts Union Tough Talk-- French Govt Backs Down On Probationary Job Law-- Working For Families Package Debated-- Changes To Tertiary Education Funding-- Skills Shortage Increases Worker Mobility-- Pacific Migrant Worker Plan Still Alive-- Industry Training Numbers Up-- Dol Predicts Easing Of Labour Market-- Worker Accommodation Shortage In Marlborough-- Low-Paid Workers-- Advantages Of Early Childhood Interventions

The Jobs Letter No.249
dated 31 March 2006

Working For Families-- Welfare Payments Adjusted for Inflation-- Special Feature: the David Benson-Pope Interview-- 90-Day Job Probation Debate-- France Besieged by New Youth Unemployment Protests-- Employers Warned Skills Shortage Here to Stay-- Job Vacancy Ads Declining-- Not All Permanent Residents Stay-- Single Benefit Threatens Blind Working People-- Pace Scheme Slowing-- NZers Pouring into Australia

The Jobs Letter No.248
dated 10 March 2006

Business NZ: Skill Shortage Solutions-- Wellington Regional Jobs Strategy-- Bill Proposes Probationary Period for New Workers-- Youth and Minimum Wage Debate-- State Sector Review-- Kiwisaver Scheme-- Prisoners Working in Orchards-- More Redundancies at Air NZ-- IT Industry Male Dominated-- Dairy Industry Targets “Career Changers”-- Sports Careers Support-- Oz Skill Shortage Strategies

The Jobs Letter No.247
dated 24 February 2006

Buy Kiwi-Made Campaign-- Unemployment At 3.6%-- Employers Welcome Skilled Migrants-- Careful Employers Missing Out-- Flexible Working Hours Bill-- Many Prison Work Schemes Axed-- New Focus On Retaining Workers-- Latest Youth Transitions Service-- Nz Economy 2nd Most Vulnerable To Bird Flu-- Turning Welfare Into A Work Support

The Jobs Letter No.246
dated 9 February 2006

Job Losses Blamed on High Dollar-- Corporate Welfare or Social Investment?-- Evaluation of the “Jobs Machine”-- Higher Minimum Wage Campaign-- Benefit Numbers Still Falling-- Wananga Axes Building Training-- Skilled Migrant Criteria Seems to be Working-- Neonatal Nursing Shortages-- IT Skills Shortage-- Linda Clark on Dawn to Dusk Childcare-- OZ Tackles Workforce Participation-- OZ Proposals to Boost Trade Training-- ILO Job Strategies

The Jobs Letter No.245
dated 24 January 2006

Skills Shortages-- Job Vacancy Ads Number Slightly Lower-- Economy Teetering-- Changes To Worker Immigration Rules-- Temp Visitors Most Likely To Gain Residency-- Minimum Wage Rising-- Youth Rates Rebated-- Nz Easiest Place To Do Business-- Fuel Prices Affecting Businesses-- Prison Guard Hiring Criteria Relaxed-- Pacific People Work Permits-- Denmark Keeps High-End Jobs At Home-- Make Poverty History: Not Nearly

The Jobs Letter No.244
dated 20 December 2005

Schools And Business Address Skill Shortages-- A Hutt Training Link For School Leavers-- Pressure To Lift Minimum Wage-- Move To Abolish Youth Rates-- What’s Driving The Kindy Teachers Strike?-- Seasonal Work-- Not-For-Profit Jobs Service-- Raising Workers’ Education Level-- Mentoring In The Voluntary Sector-- Freight Costs Costing NZ Jobs-- WTO Talks Disappoint-- French Challenge: Disaffected Youth-- Creative Flight

The Jobs Letter No.243
dated 5 December 2005

3.4% Unemployment-- Briefing to New Minister-- Plugging the Brain Drain-- CPAG’s Legal Challenges to Working For Families-- Mayors Want Young People Connected-- German Workers Coming to NZ-- Fruit Pickers Needed-- Temp Visas for Hawkes Bay Pickers-- Employers Still Hiring-- New Zealand Now.Info-- Telecom Looks Overseas for Workers-- Palmerston North Shortages-- NZ Post to Shed Jobs

The Jobs Letter No.242
dated 14 November 2005

Unemployment Link in Paris Riots-- Jobs and the Bird Flu-- Job Growth Slowing-- Energy Projects Struggling for Staff-- Workplaces and Parents-- Working Visas for Pacific Peoples-- Otara Cultural Hub-- Minimum Wage Rise-- Psa Concerned by “Razor Gang”-- NZ Compared to OECD-- Workplace Legislation for OZ-- Farewell to Rod Donald

The Jobs Letter No.241
dated 20 October 2005

New Minister of Social Development and Employment-- Air NZ to Cut 600 Jobs-- Oil Prices Affecting NZ Businesses-- What is Driving the Rise in Oil Prices?-- Is Oil Production Peaking?-- Leadership in the Era of Diminishing Oil-- Mayors Taskforce Changes-- Nelson Mayors Forum-- Highly Skilled Still Hard to Hire-- Aged-Care Worker Staffing Levels Too Low-- Healthcare Worker Shortage-- Defence Forces Short of Staff-- Trades Shortage Affects School Technology Programmes

The Jobs Letter No.240
dated 29 September 2005

Unemployment In Asia: Highest Ever-- Cadetship Scheme Gaining Steam-- Enterprise Allowance-- Immigration Should Be More Than A Short-Term Fix-- Multi-Cultural Workplace-- Rule Change Drawing Pharmacists To Uk-- Clients Topping Up Home Carers’ Wages-- Mining Skills Shortage In Australia-- France Paying Women To Have Babies-- Most Americans Will Work After They Retire

The Jobs Letter No.239
dated 15 September 2005

Hurricane Katrina-- 400,000 Jobs Washed Away-- Contributions for Storm Victims-- Employment Strategy Update-- BERL Predicts Plenty More New Jobs-- Work for the Dole Schemes Outlined-- National’s Skills Policies-- Ashburton College Trades Skills Plan-- Accounting Grads Leaving for Longer-- EEO: Adapt Practices to Keep Older Workers-- Big Leaps ... Big Gulps

The Jobs Letter No.238
dated 1 September 2005

Tax Cuts Still Leave Children in Poverty-- Every Child Counts Campaign-- Hard to Swallow-- Labour’s Pledge on Youth Transitions-- Green’s Welfare and Employment Policies-- Police Shortage a Skills Shortage-- Skills Shortage is Business’ Biggest Election Issue-- Nats Call for Shake-up of Employment Law-- Party Policies to Address Skills Shortage-- Unions Launch Learning Reps-- Voices – on Tax Cuts

The Jobs Letter No.237
dated 18 August 2005

Lowest Unemployment in OECD-- Satistics That Matter-- Who Got The Jobs-- Index Indicates Slowing Job Growth-- The Social Report 2005-- Parties Campaign on Work-for-the-Dole-- Young People’s Industry Training Schemes Extended-- Labour to Scrub Student Loan Interest for Residents-- Prison Inmates get Winz Case Managers-- Work Testing for Home Detainees-- WINZ Regional Plans-- Child-Impact Reporting-- Nats Announce Migrant policies-- Retaining Older Workers-- OZ Conference for Full Employment

The Jobs Letter No.236
dated 4 August 2005

Special Issue: Election 2005: The Parties' Employment Platforms

The Jobs Letter No.235
dated 25 July 2005

NZ 2nd in OECD for Job Growth-- Globalisation Job Losses Inevitable-- Taking Aim at State Sector Jobs-- Hiring Expectations at 6-Year High-- DOL: Labour Shortage Near Record High-- Nats’ Student Loan Plan-- Children Missing Out to Pro-Work Policies-- Call For Change to “Working For Families”-- Childcare Rebate Unchanged Since 1982-- Brash: Child Poverty a Cycle-- Ideal Worker: Married with Children-- OZ PM Extols NZ’s Ex-Employment Contracts Act-- British Schools to Provide Childcare-- Subsidised EU Sugar Jobs

The Jobs Letter No.234
dated 5 July 2005

Mayors Taskforce To Begin In Australia-- CofFEE Centre For Full Employment-- NZ Academic Group To Evaluate Job Guarantee Programme-- Argentina Job Guarantee Scheme

The Jobs Letter No.233
dated 28 June 2005

SPECIAL ISSUE:The International Campaign To End World Poverty

The Jobs Letter No.232
dated 15 June 2005

Poorer Countries Paying To Train 40% Of Our Doctors-- NZ Hospitals Paying for Locums-- Workers in Increasing Demand-- To Capture the Lions’ Fans-- German Job Expo for OZ & NZ Employers-- Income Survey Finds Less NZ Poverty-- Concerns About “Working for Families”-- Mayors Support “Every Child Counts”-- Benefit Suspensions Increasing-- China Trade Deal-- Eastern European “Worker Invasion” of Western Europe

The Jobs Letter No.231
dated 1 June 2005

Business Confidence at ’87 Crash Level-- What was in the Budget For Jobs?-- Elsewhere in the Budget …-- Voices on the Budget …-- Work–Focussed Services for DPB, SB & IB-- Samoan Orchard Workers in Northland-- Meeting Pacific Immigration Quotas-- Sweatshop Environment for Foreign Fishers-- Wanted: More Maori to Work in the Health Services-- Taking Te Wananga o Aotearoa-- Workers Suffer from Extreme Work Stress

The Jobs Letter No.230
dated 17 May 2005

Unemployment Creeps Up-- Part-Time Working High School Students-- Student Allowance Numbers Fall-- MSD Jobs Partnership with Auckland Business-- The Australian Budget-- Cullen Budget to be More Conservative-- Defence Force Shortstaffed-- Caregivers Leaving the Sector-- Can’t Buy It

The Jobs Letter No.229
dated 4 May 2005

Benefit Numbers at Record Lows-- Age Chasm: Young Workers Numbers Not Increasing-- Mayors Meet with Political Parties-- Every Child Counts-- Flexible Working Hours-- Simple Solution: Pay More-- More Foreign Students Allowed to Work-- Oz Ups Skilled Immigrant Quota-- In Australia, 1 in 7 Men Not in Work-- Poorer People Die Younger-- Community Education Tradition at Risk-- A Stark Warning: Two Thirds of World’s Resources Used Up

The Jobs Letter No.228
dated 15 April 2005

Trades Only Filling Four of Ten Vacancies-- Nats Would Cut State Jobs-- Proposed Nationwide Savings Scheme-- ‘Hobby’ Courses to be Cut-- Student Debt Re-Directing Young Doctors-- Home Care Replacing Resthomes-- Ethnic Chinese and Indian Job Seekers Face Discrimination-- NZ Action Plan for Human Rights--

The Jobs Letter No.227
dated 4 April 2005

Working For Families Begins— Huge Promotion For “Families” Package— NZ “Least Generous” To Families— Teens Urged To Fill Trades Gap— Oz & NZ Compete For Skilled Workers— Skills Shortage Still Big Problem— Australia’s Youth Transitions Commitment— What Do Young People Want?— Job Training Lessons From Denmark— Nats Would Axe Artists’ Dole Scheme— School Dental Services In Crisis— Bill Would Allow Flexible Work Arrangements— Minimum Wage "Too Low"— Disabled Workers To Get Minimum Wage— How To End Poverty

The Jobs Letter No.226
dated 18 March 2005

Our Brain Drain - a Quarter Have Left The Country-- Government Pleas For Kiwis To Come Home-- One In Six NZ Children In Poverty – Unicef-- Homeownership Key To Stability -- Salvation Army-- A Third Of Prison Staff Want Out-- Usa: We Want More Blue-Collar Workers-- Voices From The Hui Taumata 2005

The Jobs Letter No.225
dated 3 March 2005

A Single Benefit-- Widows Benefit Likely to Go-- Electrical Apprenticeship Funding Run Out-- Mayor Taskforce Meets-- Wage Rise Flat-- Strikes Threatened Over 5% Wage Push-- Prisoners May Fill Labour Shortages-- Law Repeal Threatens Jobs for Disabled-- Community Labour Market Development-- Australia Facing Permanent Labour Shortages

The Jobs Letter No.224
dated 17 February 2005

NZ Unemployment: Lowest in the World-- NZ Social Policy Lost its Way-- Real Child Poverty in NZ-- Every Child Counts-- Caution On More Working Mothers-- Working Mothers Sacrifice for Their Kids-- Voices on the Call for More Women in Paid Work-- Jobs Jolt Scaling Back-- NZ Loosens Rules For Working Backpackers-- UK Working OE Rules Tightened-- France Pushes Longer Working Hours

The Jobs Letter No.223
dated 4 February 2005

Targeting Long-Term Unemployment-- PM Sketches Major Welfare Policy Changes-- Orewa Brash Welfare-- Katherine Rich Casualty of New Approach-- Greens: Stop the Beneficiary Bashing-- Social Reports May Become Mandatory-- Expansion of Youth Transition Service-- Proposal to Allow Foreign Students to Work-- Wage Demands Expected to Be More than 4%-- Update: More Than a Million Jobs Lost in Tsunami

The Jobs Letter No.222
dated 21 January 2005

The Tsunami Toll-- NZ Responds to Tsunami Appeal-- Tsunami Generosity-- Social Policy “Big Picture”-- Schools Accused of Holding onto Students-- School Qualification Reports Baffle Employers-- Teacher Shortage-- NZ: a Low Middle-Income Country-- Minimum Wage Going Up-- Delay on Chasing Ship Jumpers-- State Sector Grows-- Student Allowance Eligibility Tightened


The Jobs Letter No.221
dated 17 December 2004

Employers Need to Accept Training Role-- Lifting Workers’ Skills Would Boost the Economy-- Seasonal Workers Respond to Training-- NZ Pay Rises Lagging-- “Paths” Extended to Help Sick Back to Work-- Underfunding Disabling the Caregiving Sectors-- Audit Slams ‘Jobs Machine’ Record Keeping-- One in Five Graduates Want to Go Overseas-- Foreign Fishermen Jumping Ship -- Unions Want Role in Chinese Trade Negotiations-- Canada Seeks Immigrants to Fill Skill Shortages

The Jobs Letter No.220
dated 7 December 2004

Australia to Spend $1b on Trade Skills Training-- Kiwis Working Longer-- Better Preparing Students for Work-- Volunteer Work Measured-- Chinese Construction Workers for Auckland?-- Workers Can’t Afford a First House-- Seasonal Worker Shortage-- More Young Working Holiday Makers-- Youth Benefit Under Fire-- NZ Worse than UK in Addressing Child Poverty-- Ageing Workforce in Australia-- Australia May Force Disability Pensioners to Work-- Health Risks from Working While Sick-- Get a Facelift to Get a Job

The Jobs Letter No.219
dated 26 November 2004

Unemployment at 3.8%! --Wages Unaffected --Young People Still Missing Out --Let’s Not Flood the Country with Cheap Labour --Mayors Taskforce: from Goals to Guarantees --Poor Not Helped by Government Package --Working Mums’ Children Don’t Suffer --Flexible Hours Works --Fly to Sydney for a NZ Work Permit --Unskilled Jobs Will Disappear in UK in 10 Years

The Jobs Letter No.218
dated 11 November 2004

Thousands of Workers Needed in Tourism --Changes Aim to Boost Skilled Immigration --Social Entrepreneur Scheme Replaced --Maori Pathways --OECD Calls for Cuts to DPB --Costs Stop Doctors’ Visits --More NZ’ers Work Long Hours

The Jobs Letter No.217
dated 28 October 2004

Global Income Insecurity-- Labour Short but Business is Confident-- Women the Answer to Skills Shortages-- Skills Shortages Lifting Wages in Oz-- Charities Bill is Still a Muzzle-- Early School Leavers Dropping by Wayside-- Many NZ’ers are Asset Poor-- Houses Less Affordable-- NZ & Int’l Competitiveness-- Student Loan Scheme Growing-- More Infant-Care Staff Needed-- Britain to Revisit Working Holiday Scheme

The Jobs Letter No.216
dated 14 October 2004

Economy Wide Skills Shortage-- Child Poverty and Health-- Big Turnover of Mayors at Local Body Elections-- Designing Careers-- Road Construction Training for Jobless-- No Interviews For Chinese Jobseekers-- Ageing Workforce Not Taken Seriously-- Fishing Industry Investigation-- Forestry Jobs Lost-- The Cause of Rising Health Costs

The Jobs Letter No.215
dated 1 October 2004

More Money for Skills and Training-- Migrants Can Fill Skills Shortage-- Migrants Face Working Difficulties-- Prison Staffing Shortage-- Social Worker Shortage Intensifying-- Enticing Teachers from Overseas-- London Calling-- Import Construction Workers from Asia?-- NZ Employers Intentions Still High-- Pacific Wave-- Managers Suspicious of Flexible Work-- Disabilities Support Under Stress-- Project K Inspiring Youth-- Future of Work Research

The Jobs Letter No.214
dated 23 September 2004

The Right To Work - The HumanRights Report-- Special Report-- CEG Scrapped-- OZ Skills Shortage-- How About Sundays Off?

The Jobs Letter No.213
dated 9 September 2004

World Youth Unemployment Skyrockets-- Skill Shortages Intensify-- Taskforce Pushing For Skills Plan-- Northland Region Begins Cadetships-- Youth Transitions Strategy-- John Banks Challenged On Taskforce Membership-- Pacific People Quota Rules Relaxed-- Staff Look For Flexible Jobs-- Newman On Welfare Reform-- “People Don’t Want To Be On A Benefit”-- A Future That Works-- Lost Jobs And The US Presidency-- Hidden Costs Of Wal-Mart

The Jobs Letter No.212
dated 25 August 2004

Unemployment at 4%-- … And More Jobs-- Labour Shortage Threatens Growth-- Skills Shortage Solutions-- Higher Wages Needed-- Employ NZ’ers First-- Youth Transitions Service-- OZ Model for Youth Transitions

The Jobs Letter No.211
dated 11 August 2004

Construction Skills Shortage Crisis--Youth Unemployment Statistics--Mayor Taskforce AGM--NZ’ers Asset Poor--Sickness Benefits--More Depressed Sickness Beneficiaries--National Promises Work-For-Dole--Response To Floods--10,000 High-Tech Jobs Envisioned--Electrolux Moves To OZ--$7,000 Inducement To Join CYF--Wanted: Balanced Lives--WTO ‘Free Trade’ Talks Back On Track--Work Till You’re 70 Proposed In UK--“Coalition Of The Billing”

The Jobs Letter No.210
dated 19 July 2004

Restructuring At Department Of Labour--From CEG To "Work Opportunities"--CEG "Closing The Gaps" In For More Criticism--Youth On The Dole Numbers Well down--World-Wide Search For Skilled Staff--British Scheme Keeps NZ Workers Away Longer--Manukau Labour Shortage--Big Increase In Government Jobs--Migrant Threshold Dropped Again--Home Detainees May Have To Work For The Dole--Outsourcing - Losses And Gains--French, German 35-Hour Week On Way Out

The Jobs Letter No.209
dated 30 June 2004

New Labour Market Analysis--Skills Shortages--Who Got the Jobs?--Pre- Budget Jobs Briefings--Family Assistance Package--BERL Bullish on Jobs--Refugees Struggle for Jobs--Skilled Workers Needed--Pacific People May Fill Roading Workforce--US-OZ Free Trade Debate

The Jobs Letter No.208
dated 15 June 2004

Employment Optimism High--Database to Better Understand Workplace--More Public Servants--Aim to Lift Maori Employment--CEG Stands By Race-Based Policy--Workplace Learning--Private Early Education At Risk--Net to Catch Dropouts--Outsourcing Costs OZ Jobs

The Jobs Letter No.207
dated 31 May 2004

“Working For Families” Budget 2004--2007—-Unemployment Slides To 4.3%—-Maharey Talks Youth Transition To Prinicpals—-More Modern Apprentices—-Image Of Trades Need IMproving—-OZ Labor Opposition Offers “Youth Guarantee”—-Foreign Workers And The Kiwifruit Harvest—-Nelson-Marlborough Investigate Skills Shortage—-OZ Delegation Promotes Even Closer Economic Relations—-Gender Imbalance And Skills Shortages

The Jobs Letter No.206
dated 16 May 2004

$57 Million For Youth Transitions--Mayors Support for Youth Transition Services--Pathways to Work--Wairarapa to (Again) Recognise Apprentices--Growth Stymied by Reluctance to Hire--Standing on Welfare Reform--Better Support for Sickness, Invalid Beneficiaries--Buying Ops for Beneficiaries--Doctors: Benefit Hoppers Avoiding Work--China/NZ Trade Negotiations--Made in the USA

The Jobs Letter No.205
dated 21 April 2004

Flood Relief Hampered By Tradespeople Shortage--Flood Relief Money Unspent--The Flexibile Workforce Argument--Youth Minimum Wage Analysis--Stats NZ Report On Older Workers--Firms Neglecting Best Staff: Women--Buying An Unpaid Job--Wellington City Mission: 100 Years Old--Jobs Partnership With Retail Industry--NZ Rated 12th Best Outsourcing Destination--Kerry Pledges To Tax Outsourcing--Is The Outsourcing Bogey A “Beat Up”?--What Is A Social Entrepreneur?

The Jobs Letter No.204
dated 7 April 2004

Special Issue: Community Employment Clampdown

The Jobs Letter No.203
dated 29 March 2004

Australia: One In Five In Poverty---Pointers To Reducing Child Poverty In NZ---Unemployment To Rise With The Dollar---What Was Impact Of Raising The Retirement Age?---Smokers May Not Get Jobs---Asian Students Paying For Jobs---Dunedin Pitching For Skilled Workers---Green Warning On Charities Bill---More On Outsourcing: Secure Jobs Can’t Be ‘Routinised’---Flexibility At Work

The Jobs Letter No.202
dated 11 March 2004

No-go Announcements---Consultation Controversy---Increased Demand For Workers---Waikato Trades--Skills Shortage---Parental Leave Extended---School Closures Halted---WINZ Bonuses Race Based---America Asks: Are Too Many Jobs Going Overseas?---And The Oscar For Outsourcing Goes To ... ---NZ As An Outsourcing Destination---Voices On The No-go Areas

The Jobs Letter No.201
dated 24 February 2004

Floods Impact on Jobs and Communities----TEC Recommends Trades Over Uni---Unemployment Rises, Job Growth Slows----Will The OZ-US “Free-Trade” Deal Cost Jobs?---Saving Benefit Money by Paying for Private Care---More Fruit Pickers Needed---Skills Shortage Study---Young People Say Youth Wages Too Low---Have Your Say On Work/Life Balance---OZ Work-For-Dole ---Janet Frame 1924-2004

The Jobs Letter No.200
dated 30 January 2004

Global Employment At Record Levels----Global Climate Change — 1 In 10 Animals And Plants Extinct By 2050---Economists Are Saying...----Budget Will Point To "Future Directions"---Govt Employment Strategy Assessment---Manukau youth Transistione Teams---Skilled Migrants Wanted Here---Bush's Migfrant Worker Proposal---Unemployment "Gap" Narrows---Wananga Now As Big As Forestry---Tamihere: $2.5M To Build Competency In Maori Trusts

The Jobs Letter No.199
dated 23 January 2004

Special Issue: "No-Go"


The Jobs Letter No.198
dated 17 December 2003

Global Manufacturing Decline -- “Jobless Recovery" Leading To Rise In US Poverty -- Private Surgery To Get Beneficiaries Back To Work -- More Women Needed For Apprenticeship Scheme -- Apprentices Wanted -- More People Working Past Retirement Age -- Banks Says No To Taskforce -- Workplace Reform -- Migrant Job Help For Auckland -- Extra Annual Leave Twice As Expensive -- OZ Tariff Cuts On Five-Year Hold -- Wal-Mart — The Shopping Way To Unemployment?

The Jobs Letter No.197
dated 28 November 2003

Unemployment Drops to 4.4% -- Who Got the Jobs? -- Costello: OZ Close to "Full Employment" -- Four Weeks Annual Leave, Starting 2007 -- CEG Caught Up in Awatere-Huata Problems -- WorkINSIGHT -- Mayors Want Input Into School Reviews -- PSA on The Future of Work -- The Future of Adulthood -- Leave No Young Person Behind -- Connections - A Committment To Young People -- Public Service Cadets

The Jobs Letter No.196
dated 10 November 2003

Not Enought Money For Modern Apprenticeships — Apprenticeship Graduates Recognised — Trade Training Scholarships in Waikato — Working Fathers Want More Time With Their Kids — Finances Force Mothers To Work — More Women Saying "No" to Having Children — Aussie Men "Excluded and Dangerous" — Childcare Centres' Staff Shortage — "Shrinking" Seasonal Work Causes Concern — Workers Needed on The Orchards — Teacher Relocation Scheme — Forest Owners Told To Mind Their Staff — Money Worries Younger People — Web Networking For Jobs —

The Jobs Letter No.195
dated 29 October 2003

Special Issue: Take Back Your Time

The Jobs Letter No.194
dated 9 October 2003

OECD meeting: Towards More and Better Jobs — What are the Oecd Ministers doing? — Tariff freeze is off — Poor families lose $2 billion in Child Support — Housing Boom costly for low income families — Teacher shortages globally — Wanted: Male Primary School Teachers — WRK4U seminars for unemployed

The Jobs Letter No.193
dated 29 September 2003

Work Trends - the plain english guide to future of work in NZ -- Forty Years on ... and still not equal pay - Campaign to attract trades apprentices - call for budget priority on poverty - nursing shortages

The Jobs Letter No.192
dated 5 September 2003

People, Work and Sustainable Development -- Who Got the Jobs -- The OECD Warns of Pension Crisis -- Mayors Queenstown AGM -- Mayors Back Cadetships In Councils - Big OE Increases Earning Potential -- Tariffs and Rag Trade Jobs --

The Jobs Letter No.191
dated 22 August 2003

Work-Life Balance -- More Jobs Jolt -- Unemployment at 15 Year Low -- Macpac to Close NZ Manufacturing -- Boost to Workplace Training - Bonded "Step Up" Scholarships -- Encouraging New Migrants to Wellington -- Government Guarantees For Home Mortgages -- US Recession Officially Over -- Statistics That Matter --

The Jobs Letter No.190
dated 8 August 2003

Special Issue: The Jobs Jolt

The Jobs Letter No.189
dated 29 July 2003

The Social Report for 2003 -- Unemployment Has Broken the Solomon Islands -- Job Growth Slowing -- Unemployment Tipped To Rise With the Dollar -- Deflation - The New Concern -- Social Worker Skill Shortage -- Builders Recruiting in South Africa -- Wall of Wood Job Gains and Losses -- ITO's Should Be More Productive -- National Party Backing For Mayors Taskforce -- Wellington Welcomes Migrants -- Public Service Jobs Unattractive -- Student Loan Scheme -- Underperforming PTE's

The Jobs Letter No.188
dated 7 July 2003

Immigration Changes -- BERL Forecasts Big Job Losses -- Nurse Debt Links to Skills Shortage -- Australian Report on the Future of Work -- Where Have All the Foreign Students Gone? -- Building Skills Training in Northland -- Import Substitution Jobs -- Call to Alter Winz Website "Job Boards" -- No Sex Worker Ads, Please, We're Winz -- Social Entrepreneur Scheme -- Arts to Jobs -- Where Have All the Children Gone?

The Jobs Letter No.187
dated 18 June 2003

Unemployment Hits America Hard -- OECD: What Works in Welfare -- ACT on Benefit Sanctions -- Social Worker Exodus -- Call Centre Skill Shortages -- Katherine Rich - The Jobs Letter Interview -- Tools for Schools -- Shadbolt Still On The Jobs -- Greens Criticise Big Box Stores -- Generosity and Silence

The Jobs Letter No.186
dated 4 June 2003

National on Welfare Dependency -- Maharey and Bradford Respond -- Beneficiary Numbers Rise While Unemployment Falls -- Reading:We Don't Do Too Badly -- Pay Rates For Not-For-Profits -- US Boom in Pot and Porn --

The Jobs Letter No.185
dated 20 May 2003

$56m Education and Training for Young People -- Community & Voluntary Sector Office -- Budget:$1.6B New Spending -- More Teachers -- Student Fee Freeze Off -- More Budget News -- Statistics That Matter -- Low Wages Holding Economy Back -- Power Cuts Pay Packets -- Not Attracting Enough Apprentices -- The Need to Retain Older Workers

The Jobs Letter No.184
dated 1 May 2003

Boost in Industry Training Fund -- Struggling Men -- Declining Reading Skills of NZ Boys -- Nz at Four Million -- Less Than 100,000 On The Dole -- Capacity Tests For Sickness and Invalids -- Job Packaging in Central Otago -- No Measurable Closed Gaps -- UK Relaxes "Big OE" Visa Criteria -- Follow Your Essence

The Jobs Letter No.183
dated 15 April 2003

Business Guide to Youth Employment Launched -- City Care Pre-Apprenticeships -- Waitakere and Porirua Youth Pilots -- Skill Shortages in the Building Industry -- Literacy and Numeracy in Industry -- New Zealand Tables GATS offer in Geneva -- Job Gloom in the US

The Jobs Letter No.182
dated 31 March 2003

Global Employment Slowdown -- New Child Poverty Report -- Mayors Meet in Christchurch -- An "Economy of Connection" -- Government Employment Strategy Update -- English on Welfare -- First Home Ownership Assistance -- Citizens Advice Bureau Youth Website -- OZ Business Leaders Concerned About Underclass

The Jobs Letter No.181
dated 3 March 2003

John Tamihere on Welfare Reform -- War -- Drop in Dairy Incomes -- Maharey and Brash on the Radio -- Skill Shortages -- Time and a Half Plus a Day -- Volunteer Now

The Jobs Letter No.180
dated 17 February 2003

Statistics That Matter -- Breaking the 5% Barrier -- Who's Got the Jobs? --

The Jobs Letter No.179
dated 5 February 2003

Brash Call to Abolish the Dole -- Regional Labour Market reports -- Precarious Work -- Rifkin on the Hydrogen Economy

The Jobs Letter No.178
dated 24 January 2003

Global Agreement on the Trade in Services (GATS) -- the local implications -- Jane Kelsey -- Arena and the leaked "requests" --Minimum wage and apprenticeships -- Teacher Shortages -- Universal Income Tour -- The UN on Youth Employment -- The Youthh Employment Summit in Alexandria -- The Alexandria Declaration -- Bush contracting out government jobs


The Jobs Letter No.177
dated 16 December 2002

Special Issue: Skill Shortages

The Jobs Letter No.176
dated 1 December 2002

When The Invisible Hand Rocks the Cradle -- One in Five NZ'ers Live in Hardship -- Dunedin Study on the Lifelong Effects of Poverty -- Statistics the Matter — Unemployment is Rising -- Government Worksite Portal Launched by Maharey -- Future of Work Website also Launched -- ACC — The Financial Rewards to Case Managers -- Tariff Proposal Raises Fears of Job Losses -- Te Araroa Book Launch -- Community Employment Organisations — What Are They Up To? --

The Jobs Letter No.175
dated 21 November 2002

The Employment Catalyst Fund Annual Report 2002 -- Te Araroa Far North -- Taranaki Youthworks -- Launchpad -- 4 Trades Dunedin -- Innovative Waste Kaikoura -- Buller Youth Works -- Kaipara Harbour -- Go Westland -- Waimakariri Youth -- Te Araroa Whangarei -- Otara Work Co-op -- Theatre Marae Porirua

The Jobs Letter No.174
dated 21 October 2002

Mayors Taskforce Signs Agreement with Government -- Making The Agenda For Children Happen -- Textile Sector Going For Growth -- Objectivity of ACC Assessors Questioned -- Skill Shortages Due to Low Birth Rates -- The "Income Gap" between Maori and European -- Dispute Over Long-Term Unemployment Numbers -- Professional Employer Organisations --

The Jobs Letter No.173
dated 27 September 2002

The Cost of Not Being in Employment or Training -- Skill NZ Briefing -- French` Backtrack on 35 Hrs -- The End of Summits -- Rise in US Long-Term Unemployment --

The Jobs Letter No.172
dated 13 September 2002

Steve Maharey - The Next Three Years -- Briefing Papers -- Overhauling Welfare -- Skill Shortages --

The Jobs Letter No.171
dated 30 August 2002

Work/Life Balance -- Who's Who 2002 -- NZ First and United Future -- The Family -- Winz and the Internet -- Future of Work Research -- Youth Employment Research -- Funding to The community Sector -- Refugees and Migrants --

The Jobs Letter No.170
dated 12 August 2002

Statistics That Matter -- Overwork -- Bank to Top-up Paid Parental Leave -- Teachers Leaving -- From Primaryto Secondary -- The Foreign Student Industry -- International Demand for Nurses Grows -- Longer Working Life -- Mexicans Wave (Goodbye) to Jobs -- Somavia: Global Jobs Deficit --

The Jobs Letter No.169
dated 18 July 2002

Mayors Meet With Political Parties -- Election 2002 Policies -- In a Land of Plenty --

The Jobs Letter No.168
dated 28 June 2002

Special Issue: In this election month special, we ask the main political parties for their views on employment and poverty issues in New Zealand

The Jobs Letter No.167
dated 14 June 2002

Ending Child Poverty -- Call to Adjust Family Tax Credits -- Greens Want the Govt to Go Further -- Alliance Youth Policies -- Mayors and the Spirit of Youth -- OZ Crackdown on Cruisers -- Forestry Training Challenges -- Fruit and Vege Labour Shortages -- More Pharmacists Needed -- Country Doctors Threaten to Quit -- Jane Kelsey at the Crossroads --

The Jobs Letter No.166
dated 17 May 2002

Statistics That Matter -- Growth's Dauntings Arithmetic -- National's 90-Days -- TMP behind Youth Employment Project -- Budget Bits -- Workaholic Parents and Teenagers --

The Jobs Letter No.165
dated 24 April 2002

Interview with National Comissioner Ray Smith -- WINZ backing Mayoral Initiatives -- How Many Jobs from the "Jobs Machine" -- National Party Economic Policy Unveiled-- Staff convicted of $1M Benefit Fraud -- Student Loan Penalties -- More On The Age and Rates of Superannuation -- "Prosperity Paradox" in Australia -- A "Jobless" US Recovery --

The Jobs Letter No.164
dated 10 April 2002

Statistics That Matter -- Raising The Retirement Age -- Mature Unemployment -- Blood Sweat and Tears --

The Jobs Letter No.163
dated 28 March 2002

Employment Strategy Report -- Feedback on the Government's 2002 progress Report on its six employment goals from Bob Simcock, Sue Bradford, Muriel Newman and Dr Jan Higgins.

The Jobs Letter No.162
dated 15 March 2002

Maharey on Full Employment -- More Education and Training -- Mayors Taskforce in Christchurch -- Good Jobs News -- Clothing Job Losses?

The Jobs Letter No.161
dated 14 February 2002

Statistics That Matter -- Skills Shortages -- Government's Employment Progress -- Student Loans for Inmates -- Holiday Pay Changes -- Special Benefit Still Hard To Get -- Michael Young --

The Jobs Letter No.160
dated 31 January 2002

Special Issue : Employers and the Youth Employment Challenge -- NZ Business Council for Sustainable development Youth Employment Project -- Global Push on Youth Unemployment -- Global Summit Egypt 2002 -- Cisco Networking Academy Programmes --

The Jobs Letter No.159
dated 10 January 2002

Enterprise Facilitation -- Dairy Labour Shortages -- Redundant Bob -- Men Missing Out -- The Next Giant Sucking Sound -- Ripples from Sirolli --


The Jobs Letter No.158
dated 12 December 2001

Skill Shortages -- Talent Visas -- Job Ads Slump -- Artists and Innovation -- Social Entrepreneurs -- Scottish Enterprise -- Slavery Alive and Well --

The Jobs Letter No.157
dated 26 November 2001

Statistics That Matter -- Artists On The Dole -- Skill Shortage in Southland -- DPB Changes -- Paid Parental Leave -- Student Debt Review --

The Jobs Letter No.156
dated 19 November 2001

ILO Warning: A Tidal Wave -- Global Employment Forum -- Creating Decent Work in the 21st Century --

The Jobs Letter No.155
dated 2 November 2001

Alliance Plan for Young Jobless -- Tracking School Leavers -- Employment Catalyst Funds--
Medical Debts Losing NZ Doctors -- Labour Market Info Online -- Social Entrepreneurship -- WINZ Regional Projects Announced --

The Jobs Letter No.154
dated 19 October 2001

CEO's -- Maori Employment -- Long Term Unemployed--
Topoclimate -- Fall In Full-Time Jobs -- Charity From Cisco -- NZ'ers Returning Home --

The Jobs Letter No.153
dated 3 October 2001

Overwork -- Unreasonable Hours -- 35 Hours in France-- Sharing the Work --

The Jobs Letter No.152
dated 24 September 2001

War -- Recession -- Air NZ Ansett-- Gold Mining --

The Jobs Letter No.151
dated 20 August 2001

Statistics That Matter -- Towards An Inclusive Economy -- Closing The Gaps Finished-- Bob Simcock -- WINZ Looses Over Lack of Entitlement Enclosure --

The Jobs Letter No.150
dated 2 August 2001

Incomes Worse Off -- Tracking School Leavers -- Bringing The Hassle Back -- Myths of the DPB -- Police Recruitment Blues -- Coming Back To The Good Life --

The Jobs Letter No.149
dated 16 July 2001

The Rankin Case

The Jobs Letter No.148
dated 6 July 2001

End of The Community Wage -- Community Interns -- From Social Welfare To Social Development -- Farm Employment -- Debunking The Brain Drain -- Unemployment and Mental Health -- Our turn to Innovate --

The Jobs Letter No.147
dated 26 June 2001

Social Entrepreneurs --

The Jobs Letter No.146
dated 8 June 2001

Budget 2001 -- Forestry Labour -- Unpaid Work at 39% GDP -- Volunteering -- Skill Shortages -- Tourism 2010 Strategy -- Knowledge Wave --

The Jobs Letter No.145
dated 29 May 2001

The WORKFORCE 2010 Report -- A DEBATE WE NEED: Review

The Jobs Letter No.144
dated 18 May 2001

Statistics That Matter -- US/OZ Jobs Downturn -- Community Services Card -- Ministry of Social Development -- Economic Development Guidebook --

The Jobs Letter No.143
dated 26 April 2001

Community and Voluntary Sector Report -- Student Work Scheme -- Medical Shortages -- Christchurch Shortages -- David Whyte --

The Jobs Letter No.142
dated 12 April 2001

New Ministry of Social Development -- Mayors Taskforce Meets in Manukau City -- What The Mayors Are Doing -- Te Araroa -- Warning of Teacher Shortages --

The Jobs Letter No.141
dated 15 March 2001

Dave Owens in East Timor -- Moving Numbers -- Mayors and CEG -- Christchurch 2001 --
Porirua One More Worker -- Greens and Community Banking -- Social Entrepreneurs Rankin Reappointment --

The Jobs Letter No.140
dated 22 February 2001

NZ Job Search Websites -- Richard Nelson Bolles --

The Jobs Letter No.139
dated 12 February 2001

Statistics That Matter -- OZ an US Job Losses -- Skilled Migrants --
Jim Anderton's Agenda -- The People's Bank -- Student EUB Conferences --

The Jobs Letter No.138
dated 29 January 2001

Child Povery Action -- Working Hours -- Unemployment Rate --
Abbotts Stick -- UK No Deal -- Robert Reich

The Jobs Letter No.137
dated 10 January 2001

Jeremy Rifkin -- Youth Employment Programmes -- Shorter Working Week -- Presenteeism -- Portfolio Work --


The Jobs Letter No.136
dated 14 December 2000

The Jobs Challenge -- A National Conversation

The Jobs Letter No.135
dated 1 December 2000

Kaitaia Zero Waste Conference -- Tachi Kiuchi -- Ray Anderson -- Stephen Tindall and Zero Waste -- Zero Waste Councils of NZ -- Politics of Natural Capitalism -- CBEC and Community Enterprise --

The Jobs Letter No.134
dated 16 November 2000

Statistics That Matter -- Unemployment Lowest For 12 Years -- Mayors Meet Department Heads -- Modern Apprenticeships -- Unions For Jobs -- Govt Employment Strategy -- Skill Shortages --

The Jobs Letter No.133
dated 30 October 2000

Community Employment Group -- Mayors Meet Government Ministers -- Young Unemployed -- Tranz Rail -- Income Inequality -- Debating Chapple --

The Jobs Letter No.132
dated 13 October 2000

Futurework Research -- Paul Callister -- Simon Chapple-- Waitara -- Mayors/Government Partnership

The Jobs Letter No.131
dated 25 September 2000

The Digital Divide -- Poverty and Wealth in an Information Age

The Jobs Letter No.130
dated 8 September 2000

Mayors Meet Maori -- An Employment Strategy -- Advocates Meet Government -- CEG Appointment -- Income And Job Insecurity -- CEO's

The Jobs Letter No.129
dated 18 August 2000

Statistics That Matter -- Participation Rates -- Margins of Error -- Youth Case Management -- More Special Benefit -- The Jobs Letter Goes "Free to Air"

The Jobs Letter No.128
dated 31 July 2000

Maharey on Benefit Reform -- Single Benefit by 2002 -- Millions Witheld by Discretion? -- Southland Free Fees -- Social Worker Shortage

The Jobs Letter No.127
dated 14 July 2000

Under-20 and Off the Dole -- Paul Hawken in Christchurch -- After Hunn -- Skill Shortages

The Jobs Letter No.126
dated 23 June 2000

Budget 2000 Special -- CEG to Move -- Income Gap Widens

The Jobs Letter No.125
dated 2 June 2000

Webeducation -- The Hot Jobs For 2025 -- Skill Shortages -- Mayors For Jobs -- Tairawhiti Taskforce -- Time Use Survey -- Conferences

The Jobs Letter No.124
dated 19 May 2000

WINZ Warrant Of Fitness -- The Hunn Report

The Jobs Letter No.123
dated 12 May 2000

Statistics That Matter -- US Reccord Low Jobless -- Industry NZ -- Rimu And Jobs -- Dot.Com Crash

The Jobs Letter No.122
dated 26 April 2000

Mayors Taskforce For Jobs -- Youth Unemployment -- Employment Relations Bill -- Nursing Shortage

The Jobs Letter No.121
dated 27 March 2000

Modern Apprenticeships -- Time Use Survey -- Tax Breaks For R&D -- Mining Jobs -- Two Million Too Much -- 100 Days Of Optimism

The Jobs Letter No.120
dated 17 March 2000

The Jobs Machine

The Jobs Letter No.119
dated 6 March 2000

Mayors Taskforce For Jobs -- Maiden Speeches -- Consultants Beware -- Adult Literacy -- Is Disappearing Work A Myth? -- Calling Pickers

The Jobs Letter No.118
dated 18 February 2000

Special Issue -- Jobs From Waste

The Jobs Letter No.117
dated 8 February 2000

Statistics That Matter -- Maharey Sacks WINZ Advisory Board -- Clark Takes On The Maori Gap -- One In Three NZ Children In Poverty -- Mosgiel Closure Sparks Anderton -- One More Worker Campaign -- Paul Hawken In Seattle -- New Rifkin Book -- 35-Hour Week In France

The Jobs Letter No.116
dated 24 January 2000

Jubilee 2000 -- Meeting With Advocacy Groups -- Student Loans Ease -- Minimum Wages -- Too Poor For Loans -- No Dole For OZ -- Low Income Home Owners

The Jobs Letter No.115
dated 17 January 2000

Briefing Papers To The New government


The Jobs Letter No.114
dated 21 December 1999

Interview With Steve Maharey -- WINZ Reviews -- Who's Who

The Jobs Letter No.113
dated 6 December 1999

New Goverment — What It Means -- Possums For Jobs -- Viviane Forrester -- WINZ Payout Fiasco -- The Battle For Seattle -- Peace Award for Jobs Research Website

The Jobs Letter No.112
dated 17 November 1999

Statistics That Matter -- WTO Seattle -- Taxes And Jobs -- Rich And Poor Figures -- Green Minimum Wage -- Election Website -- Beyond Community Wage -- Jobs For Doctors -- Hard Times Research

The Jobs Letter No.111
dated 5 November 1999

Election Campaign -- Time As Currency And Healer -- Social Responsibility Act -- Unemployment Petition -- Housing Policy -- Working hours

The Jobs Letter No.110
dated 21 October 1999

Election 1999 -- We question the candidates

The Jobs Letter No.109
dated 11 October 1999

Lester Thurow on Careers -- WINZ Stats -- Hardship Survey -- Manukau Youth -- Siggy On The Road -- Working Hours

The Jobs Letter No.108
dated 24 September 1999

Hazel Henderson -- Provincial Wake-Up Call -- Jobs Number One -- Steve Marshall -- WINZ Overworked -- Labour WINZ Policies

The Jobs Letter No.107
dated 13 September 1999

Apec & Jobs -- Jeanette Fitzsimmons -- Labour & Community Banking -- UK Overwork Laws -- Netaid

The Jobs Letter No.106
dated 23 August 1999

More WINZ -- The Future of CEG -- The Public Service We Need --

The Jobs Letter No.105
dated 13 August 1999

Job Losses -- Statistics That Matter -- Community Banking -- Student Loans -- Older Jobless -- American Gulag

The Jobs Letter No.104
dated 3 August 1999

Special Issue -- The WINZ Whirlpool --

The Jobs Letter No.103
dated 17 July 1999

Anderton on Jobs -- The Money or The Jobs -- Kerr on Flexibility -- Mayors back CEG -- Clinton Poverty Tour -- Apec Peoples Conferences

The Jobs Letter No.102
dated 30 June 1999

Insecurity -- NZ Future Trends -- 1 in 4 Parents -- Labour & Training -- Farewell AUWRC

The Jobs Letter No.101
dated 18 June 1999

Maori & Work-For-The-Dole -- Cologne G8 -- Ministry of Social Policy -- Community Governance -- UK Privatising Welfare

The Jobs Letter No.100
dated 28 May 1999

Birch Budget 1999 -- CEG Review -- One More Worker -- Housing Costs -- Community Wage

The Jobs Letter No.99
dated 14 May 1999

Statistics That Matter -- Bruce Jesson -- Oz Apprenticeships -- How is Your Restructuring? -- From Job to Profession

The Jobs Letter No.98
dated 27 April 1999

Local Employment Coordination --Good Practice -- Call Centres -- Green dollar Conference -- Call for Maori Commissioner -- Palmerston North Employment Summit

The Jobs Letter No.97
dated 26 March 1999

CEG Review -- WINZ criticisms-- Local Economic Development -- French Unions Cutting Work Time

The Jobs Letter No.96
dated 5 March 1999

Election Year Agenda -- Disabled Job Discrimination -- Voluntary Welfare Agencies at Risk -- OZ Young Men Poorer -- EEO For the Low Paid -- European Protest Action -- Conferences -- Green Dollars/Lets -- Good Work

The Jobs Letter No.95
dated 19 February 1999

Special Issue -- Statistics That Matter -- Work and Income in NZ

The Jobs Letter No.94
dated 5 February 1999

Statistics -- Jenny on Jobs -- New Work Tests -- Outcomes in Oz -- Literacy and The Dole -- China Outlook Grim

The Jobs Letter No.93
dated 25 January 1999

Holiday Diary -- LEC National Unit to Close -- Work Warriors -- Enter the Euro -- Toronto Dollars -- Hikoi Fallout


The Jobs Letter No.92
dated 16 December 1998

Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- More Work Hours -- Robert Solow on Workfare -- Asian Economic Fallout -- Time on Corporate Welfare

The Jobs Letter No.91
dated 1 December 1998

A Shorter Working Week -- Literacy -- US Working Harder -- WINZ Code -- The Inmate Employment Programme

The Jobs Letter No.90
dated 20 November 1998

Statistics -- Literacy -- Funding Gatekeepers -- Paul Hawken -- Amartya Sen -- Student Job Search -- Science & Technology Jobs

The Jobs Letter No.89
dated 28 October 1998

Rethinking Restructuring -- Euro-Keynes -- Poverty Myths -- McCardle -- WINZ Roadshow -- Training Allowance

The Jobs Letter No.88
dated 14 October 1998

ILO on Training Trends -- One Billion Jobless - ILO Report -- Australian Elections -- German Elections -- Paul Hawken -- Maori Employment

The Jobs Letter No.87
dated 23 September 1998

WINZ Commissioners -- Transport Job Losses -- Housing Slump -- Financial Freefall -- Meat Worries -- Super Ministers -- WINZ Launch -- Charity Value

The Jobs Letter No.86
dated 1 September 1998

Jobs from the Land -- WINZ Staff Survey -- Oz Jobs Network Revolt -- Regional Commissioners -- Sir Paul Reeves

The Jobs Letter No.85
dated 27 August 1998

The Hikoi of Hope -- Real Jobs -- A Health System We Can Trust -- Accessible Education -- Affordable Housing -- Addressing Poverty

The Jobs Letter No.84
dated 13 August 1998

The Alliance and Full Employment -- WINZ-- the Top Jobs -- Paul Krugman -- Vicki Buck -- Danish Policies -- English CD

The Jobs Letter No.83
dated 30 July 1998

Rich and Poor in New Zealand -- Work testing -- McCardle to Go? -- Green Dollars -- Domestic Servants

The Jobs Letter No.82
dated 17 July 1998

Super Agency Head Christine Rankine -- Youth Unemployment -- Keith Rankin on Community Wage -- CTU Submissions -- Fishing Jobs -- Waiparaira -- Unemployment Insurance -- Employablity -- French Job Police

The Jobs Letter No.81
dated 30 June 1998

Bleak News on Jobs-- Super Agency Details -- Job Bank -- Community Wage Debate -- Hikoi for Hope -- Oz Jobs Network -- US Time Limits

The Jobs Letter No.80
dated 18 June 1998

Economic Crisis -- ETSA Funding -- Workfare Battles -- Social Auditing -- Jobs and Dope -- Robert Reich

The Jobs Letter No.79
dated 27 May 1998

Budget 98 -- Unemployment Register -- Anglican Welfare Protests-- Police and Fire Jobs -- Future of LECs -- Group Training -- Upper Hutt Work Trust -- New Oz Employment Agencies -- Benefit Fraud Ads

The Jobs Letter No.78
dated 11 May 1998

Statistics -- Asia Unemployment Crisis -- Training the Young -- Community Wage -- Local Government Employment Conferences -- G8 Internet Seminar

The Jobs Letter No.77
dated 27 April 1998 The Community Wage

The Jobs Letter No.76
dated 14 April 1998 The Current Account -- Universal Basic Income Conference -- Forestry Jobs -- Nelson Jobless Survey -- New Department -- Maori Employment Commission

The Jobs Letter No.75
dated 24 March 1998 G8 Jobs Summit -- The New Department -- More on Social Code -- Third Age Challenge -- Unemployment and Health -- Rewarding Work

The Jobs Letter No.74
dated 6 March 1998 The Social Responsibility Debate --

The Jobs Letter No.73
dated 10 February 1998 Statistics -- Budgeting for benefits -- Virtual Integration -- More on Asia -- Public Servant Turnovers

The Jobs Letter No.72
dated 30 January 1998 Asian Crisis Unfolds -- Rise in NZES Register -- Social Responsibility -- Counting Maori -- City Guides -- Foreign Investment -- Jobless Immigrants -- James Hillman

The Jobs Letter No.71
dated 9 January 1998 35-hr Work Week -- Under-18 Allowances -- Work-for-the-Dole -- Textiles and Tariffs -- Electronics -- Teaching -- Social Responsibility and Business -- Nairu -- Betrayal of Work


The Jobs Letter No.70
dated 22 December 1997 Massive Christmas Eve Job Losses -- One-Stop Announcemenr details -- Invalid and Sickness Work testing -- That $20 payment -- Inmate work policies -- Farewell from O'Reilly -- Kobe Jobs Conference -- Jobs Shock in Asia

The Jobs Letter No.69
dated 28 November 1997 Campbell Roberts on Poverty or Dependency -- NZCCSS Workfare Standards -- Statistics -- CBOs -- EU Jobs Summit

The Jobs Letter No.68
dated 3 November 1997 Feedback on Employment Policies -- UK Jobs Goal -- France 35-hr week -- Commissioners -- Tax and Jobs -- Unpaid work -- Behaviour-based job interviewing -- Upcoming meetings

The Jobs Letter No.67
dated 1 October 1997 Community Taskforce Brokering -- ETSA Maori Job Fees -- Code of Social Responsibility -- Wanganui Computer Jobseeker Information -- Robert Theobald

The Jobs Letter No.66
dated 15 September 1997 Community Taskforce -- CTU Maori Job Report -- One in Three on Benefits -- Social responsibility -- Companies Rethinking Charity -- New Business Lobby Group -- UPS Strike and Part-Time Work

The Jobs Letter No.65
dated 22 August 1997 Community Taskforce Boost -- More Degrees than Skills -- Police and Military Shortages -- Winebox -- Scottish Money -- UK Labour and Jobs

The Jobs Letter No.64
dated 7 August 1997 MAI -- The Multilateral Agreement on Investment -- Unemployment at 3-yr high -- 600 jobs lost -- Skill Shortages -- Conferences -- Telecommuting

The Jobs Letter No.63
dated 17 July 1997 Budget Bits -- Peter McCardle talks it up -- Social Responsibility -- Growth Rate Debate -- Tariffs and Jobs -- Professor Jane Kelsey -- China and Unemployment -- G7 jobs focus for 1998

The Jobs Letter No.62
dated 25 June 1997 European Jobs Strategy -- Manufacturing Decline -- No Budget for Workfare -- Employer Full Employment Plans -- New Jobs Index -- Prison Labour in NZ -- Aussi Dole Rules -- Jobhunting on the Web -- Toes 97

The Jobs Letter No.61
dated 30 May 1997 Natural Capitalism -- ACC Shakeup -- Work-for-Dole Debate -- Displacement -- What Labour Would Do -- French Elections

The Jobs Letter No.60
dated 19 May 1997 Statistics -- Eco-Tax Reform -- Economy Slowing -- Women in the Stats -- Faith in Growth -- Christchurch Communityworks -- Radical Welfare Changes in Britain

The Jobs Letter No.59
dated 5 May 1997 Employment Policy Consultation -- From Credentials to Performance -- Fishing Jobs -- Telecom Jobs -- Another Teacher Crisis Looms -- Jane Kelsey -- UK Jobs Figures Scandal -- Volunteer Summit

The Jobs Letter No.58
dated 18 April 1997 The Word is Workfare -- Employment Commissioners -- Bank Jobs -- Skill Shortages -- John Ralston Saul -- Panorama on Working Mums -- Disputing the Dole Figures

The Jobs Letter No.57
dated 27 March 1997 Beyond Poverty and Dependency -- New Work Tests begin -- Wisconsin Works -- Fishing Jobs -- Casual Nurses -- European Jobsless Rally

The Jobs Letter No.56
dated 6 March 1997 The Future of Career -- Careers Information on the Internet -- Employment Reforms Timeline -- ILO and Work for the Dole -- Charles Handy in NZ -- UK: The Future of Higher Education ?

The Jobs Letter No.55
dated 17 February 1997 Statistics -- Microcredit Summit -- Air NZ Jobs -- Work for the Dole -- Actionworks -- Working Mothers -- Beyond Dependency -- Beyond Poverty

The Jobs Letter No.54
dated 31 January 1997 High NZ Dollar -- Sally Lerner -- Auckland Jobs -- Social Welfare briefing Papers -- Te Araroa -- Robert Reich Farewell -- Jobless in Germany -- We Go Electronic

The Jobs Letter No.53
dated 17 January 1997 World trade Organisation, Jobs and the Environment -- Employment Commissioners -- Minimum Wages -- Treaty Obligations -- Top Jobs Predicted to 2005 -- Job Creation in the USA -- From Downsizing to Outsourcing


The Jobs Letter No.52
dated 20 December 1996 ILO Jobs Report -- Peter McCardle's Agenda -- Reserve Bank Goals -- Coalition Social Plans -- Work-for-the-Dole

The Jobs Letter No.51
dated 6 December 1996 The Voluntary Sector -- Fathers and Work-- One Billion Unemployed -- Farming Crisis -- Public Service Reforms -- Kelsey at APEC -- Rethinking Nairu -- Redistributing Work

The Jobs Letter No.50
dated 22 November 1996 Statistics -- European Business Network -- Backcasting -- Beyond Dependency -- Beyond Poverty -- Commact in Ireland -- Applefields

The Jobs Letter No.49
dated 4 November 1996 Livelihood -- Jane Kelsey on the Election-- Schubert and the Razor Gang -- Redundancy Payments -- Teaching Crisis -- Techonology and Jobs -- Welfare Dependency -- The Prison Business

The Jobs Letter No.48
dated 16 October 1996 Glenbrook Mill -- Unemployment Rates -- Citiworks and Tanlaw -- Changing Aussie Rules -- Wise Women -- Child Labour -- Jobs From Possums

The Jobs Letter No.47
dated 27 September 1996 International Year for the Eradication of Poverty-- Election '96 -- Banking Jobs -- Small Business -- Roger Douglas

The Jobs Letter No.46
dated 13 September 1996 Keynes at 60 -- Training and Jobs -- Privatising Employment Service -- Kiwi Dollar and Jobs

The Jobs Letter No.45
dated 27 August 1996 Statistics-- Work-for-the Dole-- Forestry Corp Sale -- Shoemaker Inmates -- NZ First Policies -- Job Creation and the Markets -- National Bank Layoffs -- The Sack

The Jobs Letter No.44
dated 14 August 1996 Job Losses-- McLeod on Poverty-- Farming and the Dollar -- APEC Jobs Dividend -- Maritime Jobs -- Maori Council -- Birch on Tax Credit

The Jobs Letter No.43
dated 29 July 1996 Election 96

The Jobs Letter No.42
dated 19 July 1996 Australian Unemployment Conference -- Confidence Falls -- Transtasman work -- Dairy Merger Jobs -- Manpower -- Tax Credits

The Jobs Letter No.41
dated 3 July 1996 Training and Jobs -- Universal Basic Income -- Counting the Unemployed -- More EEO --

The Jobs Letter No.40
dated 10 June 1996 Budget -- Statistics -- Local Employment Coordination Groups -- Tourism Green -- NZ First Policies - Nursing To UK ---

The Jobs Letter No.39
dated 20 May 1996 Unemployment Rise -- Fishing -- Farm Jobs -- Temping -- Residential Training -- Overwork -- Gender Pay Gap -- Conferences --

The Jobs Letter No.38
dated 8 May 1996 Special Issue -- Tax Cuts and Social Policy Bill -- Who Benefits -- Work Incentives -- How Much? -- Feedback From Unemployment Groups --

The Jobs Letter No.37
dated 19 April 1996 G7 Jobs Summit -- Poverty in NZ -- McCardle and NZ First -- Poor Policy -- Work for Dole -- Gangs And Work --

The Jobs Letter No.36
dated 1 April 1996 Manufacturing Outlook -- Vet Shortage -- Wages Under the ECA -- Business Roundtable Vision For NZ -- Sickness and ACC Benefits -- Seasonal Work -- Contracting Trends --

The Jobs Letter No.35
dated 18 March 1996 Real Wages-- Manufacturing Outlook -- Student Loans -- Fruitpicking Shortages -- Minimum Wage And Family Benefits -- Not For Profit Management -- Jobs And Wall St --

The Jobs Letter No.34
dated 28 February 1996 Statistics -- Tax Cuts -- Students -- Don Brash -- Police Crisis-- Teacher Crisis -- Workchoice Day --

The Jobs Letter No.33
dated 10 February 1996 Recycling and Jobs -- Oz Youth Jobs Package -- Immigration -- Predicting Job Trends -- Positive Discrimination Challenged -- Time Poverty -- Internet Job Search --

The Jobs Letter No.32
dated 29 January 1996 Agenda 96 -- Beneficiary Increases -- Fishing Bill -- The Employed Poor -- Waldegrave On Tax Cuts -- Whiu On Vouchers -- Downsizers --

The Jobs Letter No.31
dated 8 January 1996 Skill Shortages -- Training Tenders -- Treasury Predictions -- ACC Work Tests -- Teacher Shortages -- Redundancy Survey -- Shorter Working Week --


The Jobs Letter No.30
dated 15 December 1995 30/30/40 Labour Market -- Ceg Funding -- Tops Criteria -- Labour Shortages -- Paid Parental Leave-- LED Manual --

The Jobs Letter No.29
dated 27 November 1995 Statistics -- Doug Myers -- Youth at Risk -- Careering 95 -- The NZ Experiment -- Building Apprenticeships --

The Jobs Letter No.28
dated 9 November 1995 Special Feature -- Feedback on Government Jobs Package-- Labour Policies -- Careers Service -- Funding ITO's --

The Jobs Letter No.27
dated 26 October 1995 Special Feature -- October 95 Government Jobs Package --

The Jobs Letter No.26
dated 16 October 1995 Reinventing Work -- Economic Slowdown -- Tax Cuts and A Hand-Up -- Jobs in Forestry -- Ruth's Wish List -- Skillshare Australia -- Volunteering -- Reich Feedback --

The Jobs Letter No.25
dated 26 September 1995 Govt Employment Package -- Job Action -- Skill Shortages -- Jobs and Cannabis -- Re-Defining The Job -- Campaign For A Four Day Week -- Just Dollars --

The Jobs Letter No.24
dated 9 September 1995 Unemployment Is A Mental Health Issue -- Tightening Monetary Policy -- Fundraising Warnings -- Community Employment Group -- Did We Need To Savage The Welfare State -- Jeremy Rifkin --

The Jobs Letter No.23
dated 23 August 1995 "Natural" Rate of Unemployment -- Tourism Training -- Part-Time Work -- Jobless in Japan -- Australia's Migrant Workers --

The Jobs Letter No.22
dated 3 August 1995 Robert Reich -- Christchurch Adult Work Scheme -- School Leaving Age -- Skills Shortage on The Farm -- Part-time and Casual Work -- Dennis Rose -- Jeremy Rifkin --

The Jobs Letter No.21
dated 17 July 1995 After The Employment Taskforce -- Careers Review -- Special Needs Grants -- Headhunting CEOS -- Boost Pilot -- Neo-Conservative Economics -- Privatisation --

The Jobs Letter No.20
dated 30 June 1995 Multi-Party Memorandum -- Abatement Debate -- Firefighters Poll -- Health Jobs -- Habitat for Humanity --

The Jobs Letter No.19
dated 17 June 1995 Budget Bits -- Sickness Benefits -- Compass -- Northwide Credit Union -- Abatement Rates -- AIT Career Centre -- French Job Programmes -- Portfolio Careers

The Jobs Letter No.18
dated 18 May 1995 Statistics - A Major Overview -- Jobs and Inflation -- Jobs and Minimum Wages -- Business Development Boards -- Special Benefits -- Historic Oamuru -- Technology --

The Jobs Letter No.18
dated 29 May 1995 Statistics - A Major Overview -- Jobs and Inflation -- Jobs and Minimum Wages -- Business Development Boards -- Special Benefits -- Historic Oamuru -- Technology --

The Jobs Letter No.17
dated 16 May 1995 The Rising Dollar and Jobs -- Fishing Industry Jobs -- French Unemployment -- Working Harder Isn't Working -- Welfare Dependency -- Universal Basic Income --

The Jobs Letter No.15
dated 18 April 1995 ITO's -- Jeffrey Pfeffer -- More On Overwork -- Harvey Brenner -- Volunteer Stats -- Cheap Labour -- Referenda Backlash --

The Jobs Letter No.14
dated 3 April 1995 Employment Taskforce Report -- Australia's Working Nation -- Unemployment and Overwork -- Enterprise Assistance Review -- Re-inventing Government --

The Jobs Letter No.13
dated 20 March 1995 Poverty Summit Council Work -- Careers Review -- Maori Forestry -- New Dole Rates -- Buy Local-- Self Employed Women -- Information Revolution --

The Jobs Letter No.12
dated 6 March 1995 ILO Report Princes Trust -- Casual Work -- Abatement Rates -- Remember 1985 -- Agnes Gannon -- Job Search Networking -- A Growing Underclass --

The Jobs Letter No.11
dated 21 February 1995 Statistics More on CEG -- Christchurch Youth Employment Scheme -- Foodbanks -- Charles Handy -- Re-Assessing Downsizing -- Sickness Benefits/ACC -- Employment and Family --

The Jobs Letter No.10
dated 7 February 1995 CEG Funding-- Youth Action Programme -- Remember 1985 -- Career Advice Review -- Te Araroa -- Charitable Trusts -- Work in Japan --

The Jobs Letter No.9
dated 17 January 1995 Youth Benefits -- Just Dollars$ -- Registered Unemployed for December -- Discrimination in Employment -- The Ideas Transcript -- David Macarov -- Aussi Charity Report --


The Jobs Letter No.7
dated 20 December 1994 Tarrifs -- New Social Welfare & Employment Measures -- Stand-Downs -- Discretion Vs Regulation -- Taskforce Feedback -- Paid Parental Leave --

The Jobs Letter No.6
dated 5 December 1994 Taskforce Report -- Social Welfare Reform Bill -- Staff Shortages -- Polytechs -- Aussi Working Nation -- US Congress On Welfare --

The Jobs Letter No.5
dated 21 November 1994 Statistics -- Forestry -- Grameen Bank -- Community Sector -- Bureaucratic Contracts -- Aussi Working Nation -- Qualifications -- John Pilger --

The Jobs Letter No.4
dated 7 November 1994 Apprenticeships -- Labour's Economic Package Part Two -- Job Action Criticism -- Jackson Hole Symposium -- Shorter Working Week -- 150 Years of Co-operation -- Child Labour --

The Jobs Letter No.3
dated 26 October 1994 Youth Report -- Tops Music Schools -- Voluntary Paper Trail -- Green Dollars -- End of The Job -- Poverty and Progress -- Charles Handy --

The Jobs Letter No.2
dated 10 October 1994 Growth & Jobs -- Taskforce Green -- Women's Wages -- Farm Work -- Benefit Statistics -- Randerson Submission -- Social Welfare U-Turns --

The Jobs Letter No.1
dated 26 September 1994 Council Maintenence -- Labour Policies -- Job Action -- Changes to Polytechs -- Anglican, Alliance and Employers Submissions To Taskforce -- Equity Bill -- A Special Underclass --


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